Welcome to MacLeod of Cape Breton Distinctive Jewellery. We are located on the scenic, sunset side of Cape Breton Island, which is where much of the inspiration for our designs comes from. You will find impressions of seashells, beachsand patterns, and a varied assortment beautifully textured local leaves, interspersed amongst our collection of Sterling Silver and gold jewellery. 

Please browse through our collection. You will also find a wide assortment of Celtic designs as well as our popular selection of Cape Breton and Newfoundland jewellery. Aside from the styles just described, look for our ever-changing selection of one-of-a-kind jewellery that is inspired from pure imagination. If you would like to discuss a custom piece of jewellery, feel welcomed to inquire. Engagement, wedding rings, and customer-inspired creations of all sorts are within your grasp.

Enjoy your visit!

Darryl MacLeod